Our Mission Statement

"Castle Express Moving is a golden rule moving company built on the strong family values of honesty, happiness, and hard work. We are driven to have our customers feel stress free, relaxed and comfortable by communicating that we are the experienced, reputable, and knowledgeable moving company. Our goal is to provide families with the best fair priced, on time, white gloved moving services. We have built our reputation for customer loyalty through consistency, marketing, and being knowledgeable. Most importantly employees should be helpful, adaptive, well paid, well trained, and trustworthy members of the Castle Express family."

About the Owner

Joseph Caronna grew up in Windsor Locks Connecticut. Always driven to provide good services to people Joe had multiple paper routes, lawn care, and odd jobs growing up. Even at a young age Joe was a person that served others. Always working and learning Joe graduated from Windsor Locks High School and continued his education at Asnuntuck Community College and finally graduating from Western New England University with a bachelor's degree in business.

While going to school and working at his family’s grocery store he also decided to start working at a high end furniture store. Through his experience at the furniture store he learned a lot about what customers want when it came time to move their furniture. Also going out and doing deliveries with the owner he learned the ins and outs of packing, storing, and assembly of high end furniture.

After school he continued to work at the furniture store doing deliveries and set ups for people. He also worked at his family’s grocery store. These two influences became importing in forming Castle Express Moving. Realizing the need for a good local mover in the northern Connecticut area Joe started Castle Express Moving LLC. There were a lot of complaints from customers about other moving companies that had ripped them off by giving bad quotes and Joe wanted to be different.

Using his knowledge of high end furniture delivery and the roots of a growing up in a family business Joe decided to take the leap and start his own company. With a family of his own now and his drive to make Castle Express Moving a great moving company he has continued to grow in the northern Connecticut and lower Massachusetts area. With many word of mouth customers and repeat family’s Joe’s goal to continue with a trustworthy moving company has been successful. Currently his goal is to steadily expand and give customers what they ask for.

Updated: Castle Express Moving is growing and growing. We now offer professionally packed storage. It was a goal for a long time to provide exceptional storage. We have done a lot of moving at this point and we found a huge need for an all inclusive storage system. We come, we prep, we load, and we store. When people are ready they call us and we deliver. Our goal now is to get a couple new trucks that can hold specialized vaults so that we can come load right on site. There are alot of companies offering to leave boxes in your driveway but it's really not that great. There is no padding, no tie downs, no pro’s to load it up. If your lucky the driver will not bounce your items around as they get to the destination basically putting all the risk on the customer. Whatever money is saved doing it your self is now wasted. We feel that we can do better. That is why we are currently developing a plan to bring our own boxes to the site and loading them right then and there. When your home or office is ready we'll bring the vault back and unload. Minimizing risk to the owner by making sure everything is professionally padded and packed. Also it is way easier and less stressful and that is what we want to deliver to people.



We have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau
We are licenced and insured
We are a member of Barter Business Unlimited