Packing Services

Castle Express Moving and Packing!!!
Sometimes people fall short on time or just do not have the ability to pack. We take the stress away. When we comes to packing we are careful, respectful and fast. We will provide you with a free quote detailing our packing services.

The Castle Express Moving packing team can provide any level of service that you are looking for. Packing the kitchen is usually the most tedious and time consuming part of moving. Some folks will just have us pack a few areas. We will have all the right materials including boxes, tape, packing paper, specialty wardrobe boxes, picture boxes and much more.

By letting Castle Express Moving do the packing it will give you extra piece of mind as well. We will pack everything professionally so chances of items getting damaged goes down. Same goes for time. Since we packed everything in standard size boxes the actual move goes faster. There are many benefits to having us help you pack.

Already booked and running short on time? Just call us and we can bring material (boxes, tape, paper, etc.) the day of the move. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.